Insurance and Direct Billing

One of the most common questions we get is "Do you direct bill to my insurance company"? We do direct bill to the majority of insurance providers as listed below. We are currently unable to direct bill to Empire Life.

The other question we often get asked is how much your insurance plan covers. Since each insurance plan is different we aren't able to say for sure without your plan information. If we have that we can check online for you and see what sort of coverage you may have. You also could contact your insurance company yourself if you wanted to be completely certain.

The only insurance company that is sometimes a bit tricky is Manulife. You must register yourself online in advance for us to be able to direct bill your exam or glasses. If this isn't done you can still submit manually but we would not be able to direct bill. You can register by going to and entering your registration number.

Blue cross
Standard Life
Sun Life