Acuvue 1 Day Define 90 Pack


Acuvue 1 Day Define 90 Pack

120.00 150.00

Single order provides 1 box of 90 lenses which makes up a 3 month supply for one eye.

SAVE $100 with a rebate from Acuvue if you order 8 - 90 packs (1 year supply)

SAVE $40 with a rebate from Acuvue if you order 4 - 90 packs (6 month supply)

*Conditions may apply to order

NOTE: Changes to enhancement option do not require a contact lens prescription update however if you wish to try a different enhancement we strongly advise obtaining a free trial lens in office of that enhancement to ensure it works well for you and your eye colour.

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We have your contact lens prescription on file so there's no need to tells us. If you are not a patient at our clinic and wish to order we require a copy of your most recent contact lens prescription. If your prescription (from our clinic or elsewhere) is over 1 year old we will contact you to update you prescription. We will be unable to fully process any orders if the prescription is expired. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact us here, by email at or by calling us at (403) 474-6744